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  • Sonne und Strand Costa Rica
     Sonne und Strand Costa Rica

One of Costa Rica’s biggest attractions is its range of beautiful beaches with different colours of sand and crystalline waters, visited by thousands every year in search of fun and recreation. Costa Rica’s seashores offer brilliant tropical sun and sparkling waves to relax and escape from the stresses of everyday life. The Pacific and Caribbean coasts of Costa Rica present diverse and marvellous beaches, with plenty of possibilities for water sports and active recreation, in addition to comfortable hotels in unique locations.

Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast extends 1,100 km; the Caribbean Coast is much shorter at about 210 km. In almost all of Costa Rica’s beaches, you can enjoy water sports. Surfing in Costa Rica is famous around the world. Most large international hotel chains are located in the northwest of the country at the top of the Nicoya Peninsula, in the Guanacaste Province, and also along the Central Pacific Coast. A favourite of Europeans are the smaller “boutique” hotels, which commingle with the big chains in the main tourist sites.

On the eastern side of the country is the Caribbean Coast with its spectacular, palm-fringed beaches. Of the large number of lodging options, most are bungalows. The Caribbean atmosphere, with its reggae music, beach bars, restaurants and surfers, compensates for the absence of large hotels in this area.