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Greetings from BAY ISLAND CRUISES.Tour Tortuga Island.
The Gulf of Nicoya’s archipelago paradise is made up of various islands that are home to nature’s abundance. The area is a sanctuary for marine birds, with white sand beaches and flora and fauna native to our Central Pacific Coast. The world-renowned Isla Tortuga is part of this beautiful archipelago.
Located 12 miles from Puntarenas, Isla Tortuga’s 120 hectares are maintained as a protected forest. The area maintains the Bandera Azul Ecológica, a distinction awarded to certain beaches in Costa Rica for their pure, unpolluted waters. Because of the island’s location, its waves are gentle and its waters turquoise.
Our services include:
-Land transportation from San José to Puntarenas Lodging in the hotel of your choice in the metropolitan area. (For groups, please consult our agents.)
-Specialized bilingual guide throughout the trip.
-Typical Costa Rican breakfast or jam and cheese sandwich, hot beverage, fruits, juice, all served at the restaurant.
-Maritime transportation on board our catamaran, The Great Bay’s Princess, duration of an hour and thirty minutes.
-Aboard our catamaran, enjoy tropical fruits, fish ceviche, natural fruit drinks, farewell cocktail and snacks. We have service of bar both in the catamaran and in the beach.
-Live music: For your enjoyment, our musicians accompany us on the trip, taking requests and—for the adventurous—accompanying you as you sing your favorite song. 
-Animation imparted by an professional, you will enjoy all our tour, may participate in dymanic, board games, dance classes, etc. OUR LUNCH SERVED ON THE ISLAND (Included)Appetizer:
Two exquisite cold salads with their accompanying dressingsEntree:
Delicious grilled fish filet and chicken breast served with garden rice, each served with a tasty sauce and accompanied by mixed vegetables. We take health, nutrition and flavor into account in the design of this meal.Wine:
Accompany our lunch with our complimentary glass of our exclusive house wine.Dessert:
Enjoy our delicious dessert accompanied by delicious Costa Rican coffee.
Our Itinerary:
        * 06:00AM - Passengers are picked up in San José
        * 07:00AM - breakfast served in the bus
        * 08:30AM - Arrival in Puntarenas
        * 10:30AM - Arrival at Isla Tortuga
        * 12:30PM - Lunch served on the Island
        * 04:00PM - Departure from Isla Tortuga
        * 06:00PM - Return to Puntarenas
        * 08:30PM - Arrival in San Jose

Tortuga Island
San Lucas Island-Jesucita Island
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275 mts Norte de la Pizza Hut, Paseo Colon, Frente a la policía Municipal.