Limitless Adventures

Limitless Adventures
When we dream and plan our annual vacations, we look for the best options for hotels, restaurants, transportation, places to visit, and everything we need to enjoy our time off.
Sometimes we forget that we also need a bit of adrenaline and excitement doing activities we usually don’t do. In Costa Rica, we have limitless adventures that bring you close to nature.
Extreme adventures in our country are very popular with visitors who want to experience everything that surrounds us in our forests and mountains – from a river to the top of a tree. And it is precisely with so much nature that we have, that you can be face-to-face with never-before-seen animals and unique species.
“For these extreme adventures, you only need to wear comfortable clothes, bring your camera, and be eager to experience new things,” such as...
Rafting is one of the most famous adventure tours in Costa Rica. Inflatable rafts carry groups of 6 or more persons down a river through rapids. The number one river for whitewater rafting in Costa Rica is the Pacuare River, known worldwide for its exotic beauty. Total time for this tour can last up to 10 hours; and you can see all kinds of wildlife from sloths to toucans, parrots, Morpho butterflies, frogs, and more.
Your guides will give you all the equipment you need and instruct you in what you need to know and do for your rafting adventure. We recommend wearing a swimsuit or shorts with a lightweight shirt (nylon or quick-dry), and closed-toe shoes (you cannot be barefoot). Bring a second full set of clothing, including shoes, to change into after finishing rafting.


Diving / Snorkeling 
The beautiful oceans that surround Costa Rica – the Pacific and the Caribbean – are filled with reefs and marine life, including white-tipped reef sharks, manta rays, octopus, and many different kinds of tropical fish. The waters around Costa Rica offer more than 40 sites to go diving and snorkeling, such as: Caño Island, Tortuga Island, Cabo Blanco, Coco Island, Puerto Viejo, Cocles Beach, and Punta Uva.
Diving and snorkeling in the warm waters off of our beautiful beaches are magnificent with colorful corals in an underwater world that will surprise and delight you.
Canopy Zip Lines
Fly through the treetops passing across canyons from side to side on a safe system of zip line cables. You will be securely strapped in with a safety harness. Canopy zip line tours offer an incredible experience of observing Costa Rica’s landscapes from above, with suspended platforms, trails and hanging bridges – sometimes covering up to 12 km in distance. You can do this adventure tandem or on your own. We recommend using comfortable clothing, such as long shorts, a lightweight shirt, and tennis or closed-toe shoes.

Paddling a kayak – a small personal canoe-like craft – in calm water is a great way to enjoy the mangroves of our country. On an adventure like this, you’ll be as close as possible to birds, frogs, and other wildlife. Kayaking is available in many parts of our country, and all are unique tours.

Descending the highest mountains of our country is another grand choice for adventure sports. Rappelling can be done down rocks, mountains and peaks, or waterfalls, involving descending a rock wall by a controlled fixed rope. It is a fun adventure tour to do with your family or friends, and is often combined with other activities such as canopy zip lines or horseback riding.

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