Eruptions of Arenal Volcano

This is an account of the major eruptions of Arenal Volcano between July 29, 1968 and 2008 (by Arenal Observatory Lodge)

NOTE: Currently the volcano is in a resting period with very little activity

July 29, 1968   At 7:30 am a violent eruption occurred causing the death of 78 people and, over the next three days, devastating the villages of Tabacón and Pueblo Nuevo. An area of 15 km2 was affected.

Costa Rica’s fabulous year-round sunshine, balmy weather and remarkable championship golf courses make the country an ace place for world-class golf.

Santa Teresa Beach
Article by Shannon Farley
Coming to Costa Rica soon on vacation? 
Here are some quick and easy trip tips on what to pack for your Costa Rica vacation. Of course, what you need depends on where you are going and what you will do (check with your travel provider or hotels), but these general guidelines will serve you well.

Article by Shannon Farley

arenal volcano

By Shannon Farley, travel blog writer for Enchanting Costa Rica


Costa Rica Esquinas River Golfo Dulce

There is a magic in peacefully gliding along in a kayak in Costa Rica; the only sounds coming from small splashes of kayak paddles sliding through the water, the songs of birds, and the occasional explosion of noise from rainforest insects. Tangled mangrove roots stretch down into silty water like tentacles, while multicolored crabs skitter along the dank wood. Sunshine lights up lime green water reflecting dense green vegetation.

Surfing Caribbean Coast Costa Rica

Less crowded than the beaches of Southern California, Hawaii and Australia, the warm water waves of Costa Rica are a favorite destination for world surfers. And lesser known than the very-developed Pacific Coast, the laid-back southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica is a hot spot for Costa Rica surfing with lots of great waves.

Stand up paddle boarding Santa Teresa Costa Rica

While on vacation in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, you have to try Stand-Up Paddle Boarding. It is one of the fastest-growing popular water sports in the world. Called “SUP”, the sport is a great all-body workout, is relatively easy to learn, and is lots of fun.

Playa Guiones Nosara Costa Rica

Visiting Nosara, Costa Rica – touted as one of the best places to go in 2014 by CNN and National Geographic – just got easier.

La Palapa Restaurant - Cuna del Angel Hotel
At the South Pacific entrance of Costa Rica, at Bahía Ballena, we found Hotel Cuna del Angel, a boutique hotel amidst of the beautiful tropical rain forest, a place for relaxation or romantic vacations, however is a new gastronomic destination for celiac people or intolerant to gluten. Its restaurant “La Palapa”, has renovated its philosophy by developing gluten free menu and prepared with fresh and organic ingredients. 
Gluten Free