Samara & Carrillo Beaches

  • Playas Sámara y Carrillo
     Playas Sámara y Carrillo

Sitting along the southern Nicoya Peninsula, Samara is a small sunny town with wide scenic beaches. The surf is small, and it is a superb vacation spot for families. Abundant coastal vegetation includes Manzanillo trees, coconut palms, and creeping plants such as beach bean. Towards the middle of the beach is a huge, old strangler fig tree that is a hallmark of Samara. Here you can enjoy hiking, horseback riding, swimming in the sea, mountain biking, boating and kayaking. Most hotels are simple and comfortable. Not as developed as Samara, Playa Carrillo lies just to the south. Lined with palm trees, and with white sand and aquamarine sea, Playa Carrillo is stunningly picturesque!