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  • Poas Volcano National Park
     Poas Volcano National Park
  • Costa Rica Beach
     Costa Rica Beach
  • Montezuma Beach, Costa Rica
     Montezuma Beach, Costa Rica
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     Arenal Lake
Amadeus Travel Agency is a multi-award winning incoming tour operator based in Costa Rica.  The company, successfully established in the market for more than 20 years has been, since its very concept under Austrian management.  The issues of sustainability and environmental viability are still at the heart of our philosophy. Costa Rica is a paradise - that should also be preserved  
An integral part of our agency is to create and support social projects, so that the people are able to preserve their country and its unique beauty for the future.  Most important for us is that all travel be conducted with the utmost professionalism, highest possible flexibility, with exceptional human values and cultural sensitivity.  At the very centre of our tours are adventure, nature and encounters.
Our ecological goal!
Amadeus Travel promotes sound environmental practices, establishing practices such as: recycling, energy and water saving, adequate practices in the field (knowledge about carrying capacity regulations, rules for visiting National Parks and reserves) as norms within the company. The environmentalist activities of Amadeus are based on the concept of sustainable tourism, whose objective is to follow the guidelines of sound practices on the physical – biological medium, the management of service, the external client and community development. The goal is to reduce the negative effects on the environment during the execution of the services acquired by the client. This is achieved by managing our operations and our supplier network and by incorporating sound practices programs. Amadeus does not utilize endangered species for any commercial purpose and requires that its suppliers avoid purchasing from places where there is clear evidence of human or animal rights abuse or of threat to the environment or when the method of purchase or distribution is illegal. In its advertising and other company activities, Amadeus shows animals in a dignified fashion and sends messages which promote adequate practices for their protection. Amadeus retransmits to its suppliers and clients that which is established by the: Child Sexual Exploitation Law, National Archaeological Heritage Law, Wild Life Conservation Law, Illegal Substance Trafficking and Consumption Law, Forest Law, Environment Law. As well as with the Regulation for the Use of Protected Areas, Adventure Activities and the points covered in the CITES Treaty.


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