10 reasons why Costa Rica is one of the best vacation spots in the world!

Part I

The are many reasons to visit Costa Rica. Whether you are looking for great places to stay, rainforest-embraced beaches, fantastic climate, or an adventure-filled vacation, Costa Rica has it all! Filled with a diversity of landscapes, animals, national parks, bustling cities, and delicious restaurants, it is no wonder that Costa Rica is a regular on the top places to visit and continues to gain popularity. So, what is this little place all about? Let´s explore 10 reasons why Costa Rica is one of the best vacation spots in the world!

1.           The Happy Country

Costa Rica is consistently up high on the happiest countries in the world charts and when visiting, you inevitably feel and see happiness everywhere you go. Costa Ricans are warm and happy.

The country of happy people goes hand-in-hand with the life philosophy summed up in the famous Costa Rican phrase “Pura Vida”.  It is about enjoying life with the right attitude and Costa Rica does that very well.

2.           Live volcanoes

Costa Rica is very much alive, and its chain of live volcanoes is just one way of enjoying its vibrancy. No two are alike either so the possibilities are endless for exploring the five live volcanoes and multitude of dormant or extinct ones.

Peer down into the craters of the Poas Volcano and the Irazu Volcano and hike the Turrialba Volcano. Rincon de la Vieja Volcano is an adventure mountain with fumaroles, mud pools, and hot springs while Arenal Volcano is the epicenter of hot springs and rooms with a volcano view.

3.           Where the wild things are

National Geographic believes that the Osa Peninsula is the most ecologically diverse place on earth! We won’t doubt the experts when it comes to where the wild things are. Costa Rica is a wildlife lover´s paradise with an estimated 5% of the world´s biodiversity dwelling in its rainforests, coastal lowlands, forested mountains, mangroves, wetlands, and everywhere in between.

Costa Rica is the best destination for viewing the resplendent quetzal, humpback whale observation, and of course, sloth showing. Spot the colorful frogs and delight in the cheeky monkeys. Wild things are plentiful and so much fun to watch! Check them out in the protected areas network that covers 25% of the country!

4.           Coffee and Fresh Food!

Costa Rican coffee is the best start to your day when visiting Costa Rica. The golden bean not only is delicious and uplifting, but it is also the shining star of Costa Rica´s rich history and cultural awakenings.

Costa Rica is a land of fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, and produce readily available and delightfully converted into culinary pleasures in eateries around the country. A new generation of young, innovative chefs has brought new flavors and ingredients to the table offering explosions of new tastes and touches to the traditional Costa Rican menus.

Tip: San Jose has become a hotspot for foodies with a range of trendy restaurants and cocktail bars opening up in both the modern and historic quarters of the city.

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