CAST is a travel agency located in San José, Costa Rica and operating as a DMC since 1999. Its main goal was to mostly develop the destination to the European market. Over the course of time, the company has expanded to the neighbouring countries: Panama in 2002 and Nicaragua in 2006.  This has allowed the company to establish itself on larger however targeted markets.

One of CAST’s main objective is to offer travellers not only a journey but a complete and authentic experience which will allow them to know and understand the culture of the visited countries.

We are experts in designing trips that demonstrates awareness for touristic sustainable development that guarantee profit and a fair distribution between all the actors involved directly and indirectly.

It is important to us to customize our clients’ trip to the maximum by offering activities and hotels out of the ordinary, services of high standard, exclusive and enriching experiences whether it is from a cultural, social or environmental point of view.

We are a multicultural and multilingual team dedicated to the understanding of our clients’ needs and requests in order to create perfect and unforgettable trips for them.

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