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Best of Costa Rica | Tour Operator & DMC

Best of Costa Rica | Tour Operator & DMC designs original, authentic and creative travel programs that deliver the best of Costa Rica.

Our high professional standards combined with personalized service and passionate creativity give you distinctive journeys filled with unforgettable experiences.  Expert, multilingual travel specialists cover every detail and work closely with you to customize all itineraries to your preferences.

Whether escorted tours on a variety of set programs or Fly & Drive custom self-drive holidays, we work with you to create tailor-made journeys that match your interests and let you experience Costa Rica your way. Our travel advisers are experts in special interest groups and incentive programs that meet all your clients’ needs with the highest professional and ethical standards, complemented by personal, hands-on service.

Why let Best of Costa Rica plan your travel

Your time, energy and money are valuable. We’ve been working in the Costa Rica travel market for over 30 years and consider ourselves country experts with extensive knowledge of Costa Rica’s tourist regions, attractions and services. We know where to go, when to go, what to do, and how to get you there safely. We’re also always discovering what’s new and fresh.

We listen to you and tailor every travel itinerary to what you like and choose.  We want you to enjoy your time in Costa Rica to the utmost and leave with special memories, excited to plan your next trip to see even more of our beautiful country.

We believe in sustainable tourism

At Best of Costa Rica Tour Operator & DMC, we are 100% committed to Costa Rica being a sustainable tourism destination. We are licensed by the Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT) and hold the country’s Sustainable Tourism Certificate (covering environmental, social, cultural and economic aspects).

Everything we do shows our love for our country and our dedication to positively contribute to the local communities and environment where we operate. We seek to improve the quality of life of local communities where we operate, and we strongly support hiring local services and products. Additionally, we are serious about our impeccable compliance with all legal provisions and we possess a solid liability policy.

Our clients’ satisfaction is our priority!

Our goal is to fulfill and surpass all of your expectations, thereby earning your trust and satisfaction.  Careful selection of permanent staff at Best of Costa Rica ensures our high standards of service and products.

We don’t do cookie-cutter travel itineraries that are the same as everyone else. Rather, we craft unique life experiences using our local expertise and knowledge to deliver extraordinary services for our customers.

Asuaire Travel

Asuaire Travel with us gives you the opportunity to design your personal travel experience. Since we started in 1998, we have done this by thinking that each one of us likes to travel in a different way, personalized and unique, but especially with excellent service, where flexibility is and we can feel at home. Since then, we have been working under this room and working daily to improve ourselves and to find out every corner of our destination in order to offer the best experience to each of you and to make the best memory when you are at home.

Aventuras Tierra Verde

Aventuras Tierra Verde was founded in 1995 as an incoming agency and tour operator in Costa Rica and is licensed by the Costa Rican Institute for Tourism (ICT). Members are the National Tourism Chambers (Canatur), the FUTUROPA Group, the Costa Rican Chamber of Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism (CANAECO).

During 2012 Tierra Verde received the CST Certification for Sustainable Tourism at Level 5 (the highest possible level).Since 2010 Rainforest Alliance has been certified as a tour operator in accordance with internationally recognized sustainability criteria; In 2016, we received the seal of the Rainforest Alliance Certified ™.Moreover, we participate in the Blue Flag Environmental Band Program (Bandera Azul Ecologica) and we are awarded with 4 stars in the category “Climate Change”.

Ara tours

Once you got inspired on this website about the enormous variety of regions, national parks, experiences and products of Costa Rica, it is important to set priorities and convert all your personal wishes into a feasable and exciting itinerary. At ARA Tours we are specialized on tailored programs and very personalized service. Our professional travel planners need to get in touch with you to find out about your preferences and dreams in order to prepare a proposal. You can send your ideas or request a call back from one of our destination experts with the contact form on this page.
ARA Tours has made a name to be a quality leader in Costa Rica during the past 20 years. Regardless of your budget, we will always find the right product for you and we only work with personally approved hotels and travel providers in the country. Before, during and after your dream vacation in Costa Rica you are in good hands. We take care about all the details 24/7, while you enjoy nature, adventure, culture and the great people of Costa Rica.

ARA Tours guarantees an environmental and social friendly vacation through its certification for sustainable tourism (CST) level 5. It’s the safe, relaxed and responsible way to travel.
On our website you will find out more about ARA Tours and you can watch short videos about all regions of the country.
In cooperation with our partners at Latinconnect Destination Management Group we also offer transnational tours to our neighbouring countries in Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean. If you are looking for a very exclusive itinerary, we recommend our finest choice of hotels, experiences and services under our brand “Selected Moments”. We are also specialized in golf travel.


  • Professional Travel Planning For Individuals And Groups In Costa Rica
  • Cross-National Travel Planning In Central America
  • Golf Travel Specialist
  • Mountain Bike Operator

Amadeus Travel Agency

Based in Costa Rica as an incoming tour operator, he has won numerous awards.

and certified by the ICT Instituto Costarricense of Touismo) with 5 stars in sustainable tourism.

We focus on tailor-made trips to Costa Rica, as well as in combination with Panama and Nicaragua.

The main pillars of our philosophy are:

high-end travel with specially trained program managers for people of all ages

sustainability and environmental concerns

Creation and support of social and economic projects.