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Costa Rica is known for offering quality coffee, comparable to the best in the world. However, 90% of local production is for export and only 10% for domestic consumption.

Since 1940, the Vargas family has been growing coffee. Initially, their efforts focused on this activity, and years later, they began to venture into later phases of this process. First, the wet factory, then go to the drying stage of the coffee, introducing new technologies; and, finally, they enter the international gold grain export market, a process in which Three Generations has more than 50 years of experience.


The Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa crowns a ridge overlooking Arenal Lake and the looming volcano only 1.7 miles away, all within the refreshing ambiance of a working 870 acres farm that includes 400 acres in reforestation and 270 acres of natural forest, all surrounded by the tropical splendor of the Arenal National Park. Arenal Lake is the largest in Costa Rica and offers excellent sport fishing!

The drive to Arenal Volcano from San Jose city passes through some of the most scenic regions in the country – vibrant green pastures, rolling mountains and meadows, patches of lush cloud and rain forests and picturesque Costa Rican villages. Driving to Arenal, you’ll pass by working dairy farms, hillsides full of grazing cattle, and fields of papaya, citrus, cacao, yucca, sugar cane and, of course, coffee. As you can see from the Arenal map, if you are driving to Arenal you can choose from several routes to the Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa!

Our Rooms

La Casona Rooms: La Casona offers ideal group or family accommodations and is set 500 meters off from the main building down a moderate slope. Its 5 comfortable, value-priced rooms with a large terrace provide an impressive view of the volcano and Arenal Lake


Standard Rooms: The Standard rooms are another way to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Arenal volcano and/or contemplate the beauty of the lake from your balcony!


Smithsonian Rooms: The Smithsonian rooms feature huge picture windows giving you a premiere majestic view of the volcano from the comfort of your bed. Each room has two double beds (queen-size), a private bathroom, coffee maker and room safe.


 Junior Suites: The Junior Suite are rooms with a volcano view through large picture windows framing the often active side of the majestic Arenal; see the volcano from the room or enjoy the beauty of the Arenal Lake from the comfort of your private deck!


White Hawk Villa with its peaceful surroundings and the ultimate spectacular view of the volcano and lake is about 800 meters from the rest of the hotel. It offers group or family accommodations and is recommended for guests with their own transportation or those who enjoy walking.

Activities in Arenal Observatory Lodge

Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa isn’t just a beautiful Arenal family hotel from which to watch the wonders of the Arenal Volcano. It’s also a great base for an entire gamut of activities and adventures.

The hotel lies within the Arenal National Park where primary and secondary tropical forests grow on the fertile volcanic soils, and abundant birds, mammals and reptiles flourish. The howler monkeys are often heard in the forest in the early morning or late afternoons.

An 11-km (6.84-mile) network of well-marked and maintained trails crisscrosses the property, ideal for hiking, horse-back riding or bicycle rides. These trails give you access to so much local natural beauty and we also have 800 m (0.5 miles) of paved pathway for wheelchair access, which enters the tropical forest and gives excellent views of the volcano and primary forest. Seven and a half kilometers (4.6 miles) of the networked are color-coded into red, yellow, brown, and blue, green and orange to help you keep your bearings. Please ask for the trail map from Reception.

Morning walk (free): A guided walk along the property’s trails. The walk starts from the hotel every morning at 8:30 am and lasts about two and a half hours. You start by crossing the hanging bridge (Saino / Peccary) and follow the Saino  and La Hormiga (Ant) trails which cut through beautiful tropical woodland. Along the way you can discover the zone’s flora and fauna. The walk continues into primary and secondary forest to reach a lovely waterfall and continues over the hanging bridge (Danta / Tapir) which crosses the river of the same name. Your walk then passes through pastureland and tropical vegetation bordering the river, which it crosses and where a comfortable, tractor-drawn “Jungle Bus” will take you back to the hotel. During this walk, you might observe many of the 370 bird species found in the area, along with howler monkeys, other mammals, and many insects, reptiles, and tropical flowering plants.

Birdwatching:  More than 426 bird species have been identified around AOL, and which can be spotted in the different habitats that make up the 350 ha. (865 acres) of the Lodge. From the trails, you pass through primary forests, cattle pastures, secondary forest and solidified lava fields. Some of the most spectacular resident species are: three-wattled bellbird, fasciated tiger-herons, sun bitterns, laughing falcons, red-lore parrots, great curassows, northern jacanas, steely-vented hummingbirds and keel-billed toucans. Ask in Reception for the complete Bird List

La Catarata (Waterfall) Trail: This is a favorite walk in AOL. A moderate walk of about 1 km. from the hotel takes you along a cobble and hardcore path that drops 50 steps down a slope to the base of the six-meter (19.7-ft) high waterfall. The air is refreshing by the waterfall and spectacular ferns and palms in this lush secondary forest surround you. You might spot monkeys (howler, spider and white-faced capuchin), birds (crested guan, toucan, Montezuma’s oropendula, tanagers, trogons), and in December you could be lucky enough to see the quetzal and hear a black-faced solitaire during their vertical migration to the property. Look out for sloths, peccary, margay and coati. This trail takes about one hour there and back.

Saino (Peccary) Trail: A paved trail of approximately 650 m (0.4 mile) that takes about 45 minutes and is suitable for the physically challenged. It leads through secondary forest and the Lodge’s gardens. You can often spot coatis and monkeys (howler, spider); birds (crested guan, toucan, oropendula, clay-colored robin, tanagers), many types of humming bird (rufous-tailed, black-crested coquette, green hermit, purple-throated mountain gem) and migratory species. Tropical flora include: guava, fig (ficus), tropical pine, ginger, heliconia, hibiscus, cecropia.

La Hormiga (Ant) Trail: A 450-meter (0.28 mile) hardcore trail that can be walked in about 25 minutes. The path goes through both secondary and primary forest.  You might be able to see coati, sloth, anteater, monkeys (howler, spider, white-faced capuchin); birds (crested guan, toucan, oropendula, clay-colored robin, tanagers, trogons and migrating species in August or March such as the umbrella bird which migrates vertically). Tropical trees include fig (ficus), guava and zapote.

Los Cangrejos (Crabs) Trail: This trail cuts through primary forest for 500 m (0.31 mile) and can be walked in about 20 minutes. It starts 2 km (1.23 mile) from Reception (part of the trail to Chato volcano). Some species that inhabit this part are peccary, armadillos, rabbits, coati, monkeys (howler, spider, white-faced capuchin); birds such as crested guan, toucan, oropendula, tanagers, trogons, chestnut-capped brush finch, and white hawk. Trees along the trail include guava, cecropia, naked Indian and pilon.

Lava Vieja (Old Lava) Trail: This trail leaves the hotel and drops down to the Agua Caliente (Hot Water) river. Beyond there, the trail is out of bounds because it used to pass through a high-risk zone to reach the foot of Arenal volcano. During this walk, you will see how plants have recolonized, and with luck, you should spot some howler monkeys. The trails are quite challenging because of the uneven ground and takes about 40 minutes there and back.

Guided walk up Cerro Chato Mountain: Cerro Chato is an extinct volcano with a summit crater that is now a lake. To reach the top, you leave the hotel and walk to the farm at the base of the volcano. This is a challenging hike up through primary tropical forest to reach the Crater Lake. Its waters are ideal place to cool off after the climb.

Hacienda Altagracia, an Auberge Resort

The first Central American property of the Auberge Resorts Collection is located in the middle of the exuberant mountains of Pérez Zeledón, in the southern region of Costa Rica. Originally conceived and developed as a family retreat and coffee farm, the luxury resort has 50 hacienda style cottages, the largest spa and wellness center in Central America, a panoramic pool, indoor / outdoor event areas and an extensive equestrian Center. Awarded as # 1 Resort in Central America in Travel + Leisure’s 2017 World’s Best Awards and # 20 Top Hotel in the World.


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TOYOTA Rent a Car

TOYOTA Rent a Car es una compañía que tiene más de 45 años en el mercado de los rentacars, formando parte de las experiencias maravillosas que ofrece Costa Rica. Contamos con la confianza, lealtad y compromiso de nuestros clientes, brindarles servicios de alta calidad y enfocados en la responsabilidad social ambiental. Contamos con ubicaciones en Liberia, San José, Alajuela, Nosara, Dominical y Puerto Jiménez.

Durante los últimos años TOYOTA Rent a Car ha trabajado en el mejoramiento del servicio ya que, por medio de la diferenciación de servicios buscamos identificarnos más con las necesidades de nuestros clientes y por esto, implementamos servicios diferenciados como: entrega de vehículos directamente en los aeropuertos, servicio de chofer, servicios de boda, combustible prepagado y automóviles premium.

Adicionalmente, buscamos crear experiencias al cliente por medio de la satisfacción en el servicio, a razón de que muchos de nuestros clientes esperan vivir unas vacaciones en nuestro país enfocadas en la aventura y las experiencias únicas.

Hemos adoptado un enfoque ambiental en el desarrollo de todos los procesos para reducir la huella de carbono por el uso de combustibles. El impacto producido por estos servicios es medido y mitigado a través del mantenimiento continuo de los autos y de acciones ecológicas específicas como la plantación de árboles nativos en Guanacaste. De esta manera, se garantiza a los clientes que están contribuyendo activamente con la conservación del entorno natural. Tenemos programas de reciclaje en cada una de nuestras estaciones y oficinas administrativas con el fin de cuidar el medio ambiente y crear una cultura en nuestros clientes y nuestros colaboradores.

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Alamo Rent a Car Costa Rica is the best car hire option for your trip. We offer you the best cars to rent during your holidays in Costa Rica. Our fleet of vehicles includes a wide variety of cars, off-road vehicles and minibuses.


With Alamo Rent a Car, you can travel without limits because all our fares include free mileage.


Travel Excellence is an award-winning tour operator founded in 1996 by four Costa Rican partners.

With more than 25% of the territory protected by national parks and reserves, it’s no surprise that we take our green credentials very seriously. We are not only a carbon neutral company but we are one of the first tour operators in Costa Rica to meet the stringent standards of the Certification of Sustainable Tourism (CST) programme, with the maximum score and we also have the Rainforest Alliance Certification. Additionally, we have obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certification; that places us as the first and only receptive tour operator in the country and the region in obtaining it.

Our clients from leisure and MICE markets can be confident to work with a company which its management system is internationally recognized. Thanks to those efforts, the feedback received from our partners is the best indicative of the excellent service, support and competitive rates we provide on daily basis. Today, we offer everything from eco-tourism and adrenaline sports to wellness breaks, luxurious honeymoons, cultural tours, corporate incentives and tailored itineraries with the Costa Rican friendliness that characterizes our service.

Costa Rica… beyond senses


Ecogetavais Travel is a destination management company, specialized in providing travel and sustainable experiences in Costa Rica since 2009.

Committed to creating personalized trips for travelers from around the world, each of our personalized programs includes accommodation, day trips and transportation services through the most beautiful destinations in the country.

We have correctly chosen each of our services and suppliers, and our greatest value is to guarantee the highest quality standards.

This is the moment in which we invite you personally to start living in the journey of your dreams and not to be resolved anything less than noticeably.

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