Costa Rica to Host the World White Water Rafting Summit

Between October 8th and 13th, Costa Rica will host the first-ever World White Water  Rafting Summit

 The International Rafting Federation (IRF) World Summit that will be held in Costa Rica, under the auspices of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute, will introduce Costa Rica as the pioneer destination and at the vanguard of adventure tourism, especially in the practice of white water rafting. The opportunity that this Summit will bring along was more than welcomed by the business community related to this activity. Currently, more than 12 of the leading rafting companies, among them Rios Tropicales, have been involved in supporting the fulfillment of the Summit, while many others are in the process of confirming their participation.

The first IRF World White Water Rafting Summit that expects to receive around 250 participants from at least 25 countries will be held at the Convention Center of Costa Rica and the Pacuare River, between October 8th and 13th, 2019. The agenda will be developed around the thematic axis that has defined the Summit slogan “Managing Risk for a Prosperous Future.”

According to the organization, Summit participants will be able to acquire knowledge and share their experiences of the different rafting practices carried out around the world. On the other hand, the representatives of government entities and the creators of standards will be informed about IRF proposals on different topics.

Among the topics to be addressed during the Summit are the advances in raft guide certifications; the latest in swift water rescue techniques; the environmental risks that can occur in different rivers of the world; management of environmental risks occurring in the many varying rivers; the need to increase knowledge in first-aid and specialize in emergency management in remote wilderness areas. And, the use of alcohol and drugs among guides also will be discussed.

For further information, please access the website: Facebook: @RaftingSummit.

MegaFam Trip 2019  by Futuropa Group

Futuropa Group will be holding the MegaFam Trip 2019 event in conjunction with the affiliates that provide tourism services in the country.

The invitation has been extended to several European Wholesale Travel Agencies endeavoring to achieve a large number of registrations. Three different groups of participants will be created for this purpose, and the requested requisites have to be fulfilled to be part of this event, and indeed, attendees must be consolidated promoters of Costa Rica as a destination. This MegaFam Trip will include several routes to cover the entire national territory and will culminate with the European Travel Meeting organized by Futuropa Group, this way the affiliates will have the opportunity to mix and mingle while networking with the participants of MegaFam Trip.

To participate click our registration link: