Plan your Summer Vacation to Costa Rica

One of the great things about living in the tropics, like Costa Rica, is that you have eternal summers! The other great thing about this little corner of paradise is that you are only a plane away from escaping the cold of winter, and Costa Rica is happily awaiting your visit to enjoy some summer love. So, we invite you to exchange the winter snow for the summer sun in Costa Rica this 2023! Here are some getaway goals to consider while you plan your summer vacation to Costa Rica!

With both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean to relax by, volcanoes to explore, rainforests to be hiked, and adventures to be had, Costa Rica is filled with summertime vacation activities. The average temperatures range from the 70s at higher altitudes up to the 90s on either coast, which means the balmy weather and sunny days are as warm a welcome as the world-renowned Costa Rican hospitality.

1.           Surf the waves or take a class.

Many Costa Rican beaches are great places to learn to surf or put your riding the waves knowledge into practice.  Not only are they gorgeous, but they also boast some incredible surfing waves, and many have an excellent surfer vibe too.  At beaches like Santa Teresa, Montezuma, Nosara, and Puerto Viejo, bikes and surfboards are the primary forms of transport, so hop on and ride to the rhythm of their unique vibes and great waves.

Surfing is really popular on both of the Costa Rican coastlines, and this year-round surfer’s paradise has earned its reputation for some good reasons. First, thanks to the different swells and waves, there is a place for novice board riders up to the surfing pros, which makes this little corner of the world so popular for wave riders.

For beginners wanting a class to learn the basics, Tamarindo, Guiones, and Santa Teresa have several surf schools, so let the fun begin!   It is exhilarating and gives you such a sense of accomplishment when you can say you road the waves in Costa Rica.  This is a travel goal come true, and what better summer vacation adventure than learning to surf?

2.           Wellness in Nature

Not only is Costa Rica, a magnet for surfers, but it is also the perfect setting and vibe for wellness seekers too. Many hotels and resorts host yoga retreats or classes and have serenity Spas to experience natural wellness.  After some extraordinary years of challenges and changes, what better way to spend your summer than doing yoga or enjoying the luxury of a massage or facial by the beach, on the slopes of a volcano, or in the rainforest? Perfection and balance.

Whether you come for a yoga retreat, teacher training, or to do some yoga classes during your stay, Costa Rica has the perfect natural backdrops and seasoned yogis to connect to life and spirit. Experience the sound of the waves, tropical breezes, and rainforest sights while perfecting your downward-facing dog, tree, and planks. Favorite yoga destinations include the Golfo Dulce, Montezuma, Santa Teresa, and Playa Grande.

Make this summer a time to reach self-awareness and joy and to share with others

Forest Bathing

While Costa Rica may be best known for adventure in the rainforest, it is also the opportunity for forest bathing. This form of ecotherapy discovered by the Japanese is the simple act of walking in forests and other environments and connecting with your surroundings. National Geographic has called Costa Rica a “forest bathing paradise.”  Try forest bathing while exploring the cloud forest in Monteverde, the tropical dry forest of Guanacaste, or the rainforest of Sarapiqui.

.3.           Citrus-orange Sunset Watching


Costa Rica offers its spectators the most amazing sunsets that set the sky ablaze with oranges, reds, and purples.  This is a community affair; every afternoon, many beaches fill with people waiting to witness this natural phenomenon that never ceases to amaze you.

Remember that in Costa Rica, because it is so close to the Equator, our beautiful sunsets begin around 5:30 pm and extend to about 6:00 – 6:15 pm. In addition, Costa Rica doesn`t have daylight savings, so there is no need to set your watches as sunsets are about the same time every day all year round.  This means you can organize your day of summer-time adventures around this golden hour.

Sunset watching is a great time to pick up a freshly brewed cup of Costa Rica coffee or a freshly made cocktail or juice and pick your spot on the sand or from your mountaintop retreat to view the colors lighting up over the sky and to the horizon. What a perfect way to finish a day exploring Costa Rica´s mountains, beaches, coasts, cities, and coasts.

4.           Enjoy the forests from new perspectives!

Did you know that nearly 60% of Costa Rica is covered in forest? Thanks to anti-logging laws and an innovative plan by the Costa Rican government to give incentives to take care of nature, Costa Rica has become an example to the world of how it can be done!

So, when you visit Costa Rica, delve into the cloud forests on the highest mountain peaks, lay on rainforest-laden beaches, and hike through dry, tropical forests in Guanacaste on the Nicoya Peninsula. Explore the forests by walking along their floors, flying through their canopies, or rafting down rivers that flow through them. The forests are adventurous and wildlife-rich, from whichever perspective you enjoy them.

Some of the best-known forests that visitors enjoy are:

  • Manuel Antonio National Park: A favorite for many visitors. This is an easy walk through a wildlife-laden forest to one of Costa Rica´s most beautiful beaches.
  • Corcovado National Park on the Osa Peninsula – National Geographic named it one of the most biodiverse places in the world!
  • Rio Celeste National Park: This is hiking boots worthy as you border the bluest river immersed in the rainforest. A colorful experience, to say the least.
  • Tortuguero National Park: Explore the rainforest from a boat that will take you through the water canals. A wildlife lover’s paradise!

Costa Rica looks forward to being part of your summer vacation. With daily flights from the major North American and European hubs, Costa Rica adventures are just a few hours away. Proimagen Futuropa looks forward to seeing you! Let us know if you have any questions about planning your summer vacation to Costa Rica!to be continue