Activities – Rural Community Tourism

Rural Community Tourism

Rural community tourism offers the opportunity to freely experience the essence of country life and the most unspoiled natural landscapes with excellent hosts. It also provides the country folk the chance to demonstrate the activities, traditions and lifestyles of the local population.
The experiences of rural tourism develop from cooperatives or community associations that own private ecological reserves, or are close to areas of environmental and cultural interest. These communities offer new experiences that combine tourism services such as accommodation, tours and crafts, with the stunning landscapes and living culture of its location, including farming culture, indigenous or Afro-Caribbean cultures. This allows our guests to discover the real Costa Rica, to explore tropical paradises, benefit and share with communities that are involved in the conservation of natural resources, have fun and relax in a healthy and creative manner.
Statistics show that more than 6 percent of visitors to Costa Rica realize various activities of rural tourism. For their part, the country folk involved in Rural Community Tourism, thanks to the benefits they receive from this activity, are increasingly motivated to protect the environment and preserve their customs and traditions.