Swiss Travel

Since 1972 Swiss Travel has been the best Destination Management Company (DMC) in Costa Rica, occupying a unique role in leading development of the tourism industry. We offer an integral and personalized service for individuals, groups, and meetings & incentive travelers that includes hotel reservations, transportation, tours, private services and event organization.

At Swiss Travel, we take pride in delivering the highest service standards to every single customer and our mission “With the accent on service” is proof of this; a goal that drives and inspires our daily operations increasing the level of customer satisfaction delivered to every single customer.

Having that in mind, we believe that a service-oriented business depends on the support of the best staff and their commitment with our visitors. That’s why our service operates 24/7, with the best specialized crew for each segment, advised by our own product research staff. That allows us to always maintain the highest standards of quality, sustainability and that adapt to the needs of your customers.

As part of our team, we have bilingual, specialized and certified guides and we manage our own transportation fleet to offer a personalized service to all our travelers during their stay in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica prides itself on being a sustainable destination, thanks to the policies implemented by the government and the tourism sector. Swiss Travel is part of the commitment to the environment and its protection, and while doing so, preserves the culture of a country that has benefited from one of the most diverse biological environments on the planet.