Welcome to Costa Rica where nature soothes, restores and connects us!

Did you know that immersing yourself in nature reduces your stress levels and increases your sense of wellness?  Not only does it make you feel better emotionally, it “contributes to your physical wellbeing” according to studies.  So, welcome to Costa Rica where close to nature experiences are part of your holidays.  This is where nature can heal, soothe, restore and connect us!

When a country is fortunate enough to be located in the tropics and have a rainforest laden mountain range that runs down its middle, it is inevitable that these highlands will be graced with amazing waterfalls, great walks and a sense of wellness through nature-inspired wonders.  This is Costa Rica, a country that is small in size but big on possibilities and surprises!

Nature is the underlying theme

Costa Rica is a fantastic travel destination as it checks the boxes for many travellers and their motivations.  The underlying theme always will be its magnificent natural beauties that range from volcano rich mountains to amazing beaches with vibrant lowlands in between.

With its unique natural environment, laid back lifestyle and a sense of freedom, Costa Rica decided to convert 25% of its territory into protected areas. Many of these national parks and natural reserves provide fantastic opportunities to explore the forests and discover it`s wildlife residents and other treasures like waterfalls and hiking adventures!

Hiking Boots, Bathing Suit and you are ready!

So, let`s pack some comfortable walking shoes, a bathing suit and your sense of adventure and get ready for some fun exploring the mountains and the spectacular waterfalls that Costa Rica boasts all over the country!

  1. Rio Celeste / Blue River

This could well be one of Costa Rica`s most iconic landmarks. Not only is it beautiful in colour, it is also tucked into the Tenorio Volcano National Park, located north of La Fortuna and Arenal.  Despite its magnificence, it remains an off the beaten track treasure making it even better!

The mesmerizing blue colour of the water contrasts the lush, green rainforest that you will hike through to reach this amazing post card perfect place. The blue hue of the water is thanks to an unusual natural phenomena product of a chemical reaction caused by the rich, volcanic minerals that are washed in the river.

During this 6km scenic walk, you will delight in the beautiful waterfall, a lagoon and the fusion of hues at one of the intersections of two rivers.  Blue is the color of the day during your visit to this hidden treasure where you can truly appreciate the wonders of nature.

       2.La Paz Waterfall / Peace Waterfall

Thanks to the majestic mountains, abundant rainfall and a love for nature, just a couple of hours from San Jose, you will find La Paz Waterfalls or The Peace Waterfalls.   This could well be Costa Rica`s most visited waterfall thanks to its proximity, not only to the city and the impressive Poas Volcano, but it is also within the Peace Waterfall Gardens Reserve.

This is a five-tiered waterfall spectacle immersed in the dense rainforest and the stairwells that run along the very steep river bank or valley walls give you amazing photo opportunities to showcase them as you follow the paths.   Lookouts have been strategically positioned along the walk guaranteeing perfect viewing and proximity where you can feel the sheer force of the water.


3. La Fortuna Waterfall

La Fortuna is most famous for that spectacular sleepy giant or as it is commonly called, the Arenal Volcano.  This area recently took first place in the best place in the world for experiences according to Trip Advisor thanks to its volcano hikes, volcano treks and Sloth Seeing Tour!  It is also a favourite place to enjoy the natural thermal springs that Arenal graces us with.  This is a wellness experience that must be lived!

Nestled into the lush rainforest within a natural reserve that forms part of the Arenal Volcano National Park.   The adventure begins by walking down more than 500 steps to reach the waterfall that welcomes you to have a swim and enjoy the lush, rainforest that envelopes it.

After enjoying this close to nature experience, you are refreshed and ready to work your way back up the canyon and treat yourself to those mineral-rich thermal springs that are also medicinal!  This day of experiences mixes adventure with wellness like no other!

    4. Montezuma Waterfall

This three tiered waterfall is located by the small seaside village of Montezuma on the far southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula and is a must to visit when staying there or at the nearby, trendy beach town of Santa Teresa.

The tallest waterfall of the three is the lowest tier with a fall of 24 meters (74 feet) into a refreshing natural pool.   For some adrenaline, you can jump from the smaller tiered waterfalls which are a couple of meters high into their pools.

The walk to these cascades is about a 20-minute hike along a rough path which includes crossing over the river, crossing hanging bridges, steps and wildlife viewing opportunities.


 5. And all the others!

Costa Rica is full of waterfalls that can be found in all corners of this little corner of the world. Wherever your travels may take you during your stay, there will be a pristine waterfall and a hike through the forest close by and that will make the trip all the better.

Holidays are moments to take time out from the daily routine and experience new sensations.  Contact with nature, whether it be a hike through the forest, a dip in a cool waterfall pool or renewal through the thermal hot springs, will all have positive impacts on our sense of wellness.   With direct flights from the major European gateways, Costa Rica is just an airplane away.

Come and connect with nature in Costa Rica!

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