Since 1989, we have been delivering unique and inspiring voyages to Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua. All of our programs are designed considering our environmental impact, helping us to achieve the highest possible level in sustainability. We have handpicked the most pristine and secluded corners of each destination. Our commitment to quality means that we have experienced every single place and journey we offer. We believe that no matter how great a place is; only an experience group of experts can help you discover its unique and amazing virtues. Our team has some of the highest trained and proactive hosts and nature guides. They passionately deliver an incomparable wealth of knowledge about the local culture and the rainforest with its multiple habitats, flora and fauna.

Our resources and know-how have been drawn on to build a collection of extraordinary places in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama; Haciendas, Guesthouses, Eco-lodges, and Private Rental Residences, each place distinctive in some way, whether in its design, its remarkable setting or the activities they offer..