Café Britt was founded in 1985 as the first gourmet coffee roaster in Costa Rica. Before Café Britt, it was virtually impossible to find a memorable cup of coffee in Costa Rica, even though we were growing some of the world’s most outstanding coffee beans. The simple fact was that the best coffee was exported.

Since 1991, our Coffee Tour has educated and entertained nearly 1 million coffee lovers through a colorful and original journey from the plantation to the roasting plant.

During this unique journey, our visitors enjoy:

  • Extensive green areas and colorful gardens
  • A masquerade exhibition featuring Costa Rican legends
  • An entertaining presentation on the history and culture of coffee in Costa Rica
  • A coffee seedling nursery
  • Our sustainable coffee plantation
  • Our roasting plant
  • A demonstration of our coffee cupping
  • An entertaining tour through the country’s coffee-growing regions
  • A tasting session of our coffee and chocolates


Britt Coffee Tour, Heredia, Costa Rica