The rich nature of Costa Rica offers a variety of resources for the development of well-being, including aromatic therapies and natural remedies proven to have positive effects on health and life.

In Costa Rica, there is an abundance of specialized health and wellness services, as the country has been blessed with several active volcanoes, tropical plants, and plenty of fruit. In recent years, excellent spas have been built, which utilize natural hot springs, sulfur lagoons, volcanic mineral clay, volcanic stones, plant extracts, and healthy fruit drinks. The culmination of a day of adventure in the midst of nature can be a relaxing massage with aromatic oils or hot volcanic stones, a dip in hot springs, or an aromatherapy treatment. In many places, yoga classes are offered in the jungle or on the beach; pristine nature is the perfect setting for this relaxing activity.

Regarding medical tourism, Costa Rica ranks among the top destinations in the world, thanks to its medical infrastructure and tourism that provide the best service and experience possible. Costa Rica offers high-quality hotel services, hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, and tour operators. Data provided by the Council for the International Promotion of Medicine in Costa Rica (Promed) estimates that in 2010 (the latest available data), 40,000 people arrived in Costa Rica for various medical services. Dental care was the primary service sought, followed by bariatric surgery and orthopedics.