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Proimagen Costa Rica Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Costa Rica as a tourist destination in the main international markets such as North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and others. Its affiliates are Costa Rican tourism product and service companies that operate with the highest quality standards.

We aim to create promotional alliances hand in hand with the Costa Rican Tourism Institute, combining the objectives, knowledge, and experience of the private sector with those of public entities for the promotion of tourism in Costa Rica.

Our main goal is to maintain and increase the positioning of Costa Rica in all international tourist markets. Additionally, we aim to provide marketing platforms for our affiliates.

About Us


Historical Overview

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Historical Overview

In 1994, a group of entrepreneurial Sales Managers from different companies in Costa Rica’s tourism industry, concerned about the need to improve the marketing of Costa Rica as a tourist destination, took the initiative to unite efforts and resources dynamically.

During the initial meetings, 10 executives attended in a friendly and camaraderie-filled environment, where everyone shared experiences, techniques, and data that would professionalize each one in their respective roles at that time.

In a visionary move, they bet on teamwork. A team that would unite the private sector with the state sector, striving to achieve a single objective: “Promoting Costa Rica.”

With this vision on the horizon, and the programming of multiple joint efforts and activities, it grew to encompass 30 participants, at which point the need arose to appoint a committee that guided the group’s efforts and led the achievement of projects that benefited the country and all participants.

In 1997, we established ourselves as the Pro Image Group Association.

Furthermore, in 2001, the Futuropa Group Association was founded to be an organization specialized in promoting Costa Rica as a tourist destination in Europe. With over 100 members, all Costa Rican tourism companies working to the highest quality standards and understanding the needs and demands of European travelers visiting Costa Rica.

As experts in the European market, Futuropa Group was the only organization acting as an advisor regarding the plans, negotiations, and strategies carried out in this market by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute.

In 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the directors and affiliates of both associations decided to merge efforts and the work that had been carried out for years and create Proimagen Futuropa Group to continue all promotion efforts to all major markets for Costa Rica.

Today, we consolidate our name as Proimagen Costa Rica, with more than 130 associates, representing different sectors of the tourism industry such as hotels, travel agencies, car rental companies, tourist services, tourist marketing companies, theme parks, domestic airlines, and tour operators.

At Proimagen Costa Rica, we continue to strive for more efficient and proactive marketing of our country, with the contribution of our associates for the benefit of the entire industry.


To promote Costa Rica as a tourist destination worldwide through joint collaborations between the public and private sectors, integrating Costa Rican tourism companies operating in the country’s key markets of interest. Additionally, to serve as facilitators and managers of all activities carried out in these markets, offering training to both the national tourism sector and travel agents and wholesalers promoting Costa Rica as a destination.

“To be the leading specialized reference in the promotion of Costa Rica in international markets, recognized for our representativeness supported by affiliated Costa Rican tourism companies oriented towards these markets. We distinguish ourselves by our extensive experience, commitment, and responsibility both to our affiliates and to the public sector.”



Mr Christian Doñas


Double Tree by Hilton Cariari Hotel

Mrs Silvia Vargas

Vice President I

Eco-Getaways Travel Design

Mr Daniel Chavarría

Vice President II


Mr.Raimond Barquero


Destination Services

Mr Mauricio Aymerich


Small Distinctive Hotels

Mrs Astrid Plate

Member I

Costa Rican Trails

Mr Gilberto Arguedas

Member II


Mrs Betsabé Gomez

Vocal III

Swiss Travel

Mr Ignacio Ocampo

Vocal IV

Costa Rica Sun Tours

Mrs Maricruz Pereira


Unique Adventures

General Objectives

  • Consolidate and strengthen the image of Costa Rica in the main promotional markets.
  • Open new markets to promote a stable flow of tourism throughout the year.
  • Provide support for educational seminars in target markets.
    Achieve our goals at the lowest possible cost.
  • Offer training to the tourism industry to improve and professionalize the quality of service.
  • Market Costa Rica as an attractive destination year-round.

Specific Objectives

  • Coordinate our objectives with the promotional activities of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute.
  • Actively involve Costa Rican Embassies and Consulates in the association’s activities in priority markets.
  • Organize international events to promote the destination and our affiliates, focusing on training travel agents.
  • Provide educational seminars for the tourism industry that encourage the opening of new markets and continuous training in the most important markets.
  • Host continuous training events and create networking opportunities for the association’s affiliates.
  • Prepare printed and digital support materials for Proimagen CR presentations.
  • Facilitate familiarization trips (Fam Trips) for selected travel agents from target markets.
  • Participate actively in fairs, exhibitions, workshops, and other events of interest for promoting Costa Rica worldwide.
  • Seek and manage funding sources for national and international events organized by the association.


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