Travel Tips

Our Recommendations

Organize your trip a month in advance. This will help you book the hotel, transportation, and attractions.

When you are in Costa Rica, you can buy a SIM card for your cell phone. We have phone companies such as Kolbi, Claro, and Liberty.

Credit cards are accepted at all tourist spots, or you can pay in dollars or exchange currency at banks. The state banks are Banco de Costa Rica, Banco Nacional, and Banco Central.

Always use a tourist map of the country or a GPS for navigation. Research the weather conditions for the time of your visit. Costa Rica has a tropical climate, so you can enjoy sunshine during the day and rain in the afternoon. Remember to bring clothing appropriate for the weather.

Take care of your skin. Sunscreen will be useful at all times, as well as insect repellent.

We have clean water. The water from the source is safe to drink without any problems.

We are a safe country, but always safeguard your belongings. Make sure you can leave them in a secure place.

If you have an emergency, always keep the contact information of your travel agency or guide handy and contact them immediately. If you plan your trip without any guidance, we have public hospitals throughout the country where you can receive assistance.