Evergreen Lodge is located in the northeastern corner of Tortuguero, 5 minutes by boat from the main entrance to Tortuguero National Park, and accessible only by air and water. Evergreen Lodge is the ideal location from which to explore this unique and magical area, surrounded by towering trees and exuberant vegetation and are adorned with tropical designs.
This lovely lodge with 55 comfortable rooms, all are spacious, comfortable beds, private bathrooms, hot water, and ceiling fans, swimming pool.
The property has an excellent restaurant and bar services and offer bilingual guided tours in the area.
The beautiful main dinning room with soaring ceilings provides first class meals in an atmosphere that reflects and compliments the jungle paradise surrounding it.

2 hectares
8 minutes from Tortuguero National Park main entrance in the canal call Penitencia.
Comfortable jungle rooms with private bathroom
hot water and ceiling fans.
Buffet-style meals that are included. Let’s cheers with good wine when for dinner.
Night Bar
Bilingual Tour Guides
Canopy Tour of 8 platform in the lodge property
Hot water
Ceiling fans
Private bathrooms
Restaurant / bar – all meals are included in the price of the package