President Hotel

Hotel Presidente has been present for four generations, from its roots in the world of fashion to its steadfast commitment to authentic Costa Rican hospitality.

Come and discover us on Avenida Central pedestrian boulevard, the lively heart of the city, and an energy source unlike any other. San José welcomes adventurers in the soul… and offers the chance to explore our neighborhood like a local. Who knows what you’ll find during your stay? Most of the city’s top museums and galleries, as well as public parks, shops, restaurants, and bars are within walking distance. It all depends on what you want to see, do, and enjoy; We’re here to help you get there!


Phone: +506 2010 0000

Hotel Presidente, Avenida Central, San José Province, San José, Costa Rica

Experience the vibrant energy of San José by staying at Hotel Presidente, located in the heart of the city. A striking and colorful mural adorns the façade of the hotel, which once housed two of the city’s most exclusive clothing boutiques: La Dama Elegante and El Caballero Elegante, whose legacy lives on through sewing machines, billboards, and antique cash registers that decorate the modern hotel.

You can find us right on the Pedestrian Boulevard of Avenida Central, the pulsating heart of the city, where locals and visitors mingle among street vendors, artists, and some of the most iconic places in the capital: the National Theater, the Gold Museum, Spain Park, and the National Museum, all within walking distance.