Tilajari Hotel Resort & Conference Center

The Tilajari Project (“Green Valley” Maliki in a native language) was founded in 1987 as a leisure club, the first of its kind in the Huetar Norte region of Costa Rica. Initially, the property developed sports facilities, pools, picnic areas, restaurants, and outdoor recreation areas for local club members.

Tilajari is located on the banks of the San Carlos River, offering a wide range of services and facilities on the property that will ensure the best experience during your stay. We also have conference rooms and all the necessary amenities for hosting social and corporate events.



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Tilajari Hotel Resort & Conference Center, Provincia de Alajuela, San Carlos, Costa Rica

The Tilajari project (“green valley” in the Maleku indigenous language) was born in 1985 as a recreational country club, the first of its kind in the Northern Huetar region of the country. Initially, sports facilities, pools, picnic areas, restaurants, and outdoor recreational areas were developed on the property, available to local families with club membership. With a strong commitment to promoting the practice of different sports and fostering healthy entertainment, Tilajari became a pioneer in the discipline of tennis. At the time, several courts were provided for the learning and training of young people and adults who would later form the San Carlos Tennis Association, an organization that still successfully participates in various national tournaments today.

In 1991, the company moved to the lodging stage, which in turn opened the doors to welcome foreign tourism. At that time, 20 rooms were built and food services were improved, with the establishment of the Katira bar and restaurant in its current location overlooking the San Carlos River, later completing with the 76 rooms that the resort currently has. Already positioned nationally and internationally, since 1997 Tilajari Hotel Resort has reaffirmed its commitment to contributing to the development of the community where it is located, Muelle de San Carlos, through the generation of stable employment, in addition to its constant contributions to social causes and environmental conservation. The hotel property covers 14 hectares, and part of it is distributed among magnificent gardens and fruit trees along the banks of the San Carlos River. Given these characteristics, our guests can observe crocodiles, alligators, huge iguanas, and a vast variety of tropical birds. This unique setting makes us a paradisiacal garden for nature tourism enthusiasts. Today, the vision and values ​​continue in the hands of the second generation of the family that started the project, developing according to current trends and needs in tourism and the corporate market.