Unique Adventures

UNIQUE ADVENTURES offers special deals and custom-made experiences, creating opportunities to become part of our social and natural environment. We intend to perfect every experience, taking care of every detail so you can immerse yourself in each moment without being distracted by logistics. We know exactly what you want from your time here. And then, we give you more than you dreamed of. Our operation started in May 2006, and since then, we have been in charge of designing the complete experience: airport welcome, hotel and tour reservations, private guides, transportation, and more.

A unique adventure is what you will experience in Costa Rica with us: whether you go bird watching, mountain biking, kayaking, enjoy the sea and sun, or even learn to milk a cow and make homemade tortillas, it’s the life-changing experience you can expect but never fully understand until you are in the midst of it. You evolve from a simple tourist to a true traveler.

It’s about closing your eyes and learning to see life from a new perspective. It’s about opening your eyes and realizing anew… you’re not dreaming.