March 26, 2018

Costa Rica has two types of sloths, which are identified as having two toes or three toes.

If you look up at our beautiful sky, in the branches of the trees, you can see them. Not in all the trees in our country, but where there are forested trees, beaches, or mountains. Sloths spend most of their time there. They look for a tree that can provide them with food and water, and with this, they also avoid their predators.

–—— FUN FACT! ———

They enjoy sleeping and moving among the tree branches.

Cute sloths eat leaves with a slowness that will surprise you to see how slowly they eat. Their giant, slow-working stomach allows them to digest their food over about 5 hours (which is the time they stay awake).

You can’t miss for a second their strange hair-like wig. Their long, tangled hair helps them blend relatively unnoticed into their surroundings. Small algae grow on their skin, camouflaging them with the foliage in tropical forests. If you look closely, the color of their hair is light green during the rainy season, making them easily mistaken for vegetation.

Costa Rica now focuses its efforts on animal protection, and for good reason. We are enriched with many species of mammals that have become extinct in other countries.

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