November 27, 2019

Water Adventures

The mix of choppy oceans and tranquil bays in Costa Rica offers something to suit your style. We invite you to step out of your comfort zone and try something you’ve never done before. Whether it’s in the water or on it, like diving or canyoning down a waterfall!

Before embarking on any of these water adventures in our country, spend your first nights in San José getting acclimated to the surroundings and discovering some of our capital city’s gems. You can choose to stay at any of the Palma Real hotel, Barceló San José Palacio hotel, or Apartotel Villas del Río.


In Costa Rica, amidst the rain, cloud, and dry forests, beaches, volcanoes, hot springs, wild rivers, and stunning lakes, all surrounded by a colorful and fantastic flora and fauna, Another beautiful World Awaits that offers views that are spectacular, as well. Both in the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea, divers and snorkelers can have encounters with world-famous marine life.

Near the coasts, you can find islands like the Catalinas Islands, the Bat Islands, in the North Pacific, and Isla del Caño, in the South Pacific, which have many excellent diving sites to explore. For more advanced explorers, Cocos Island, 300 miles off the mainland, is worth mentioning, declared a World Heritage Site. Night diving there among sharks, hammerhead, white-tip, or even bull sharks will absolutely thrill you.

No matter what you choose to explore, one way or another, you’ll seamlessly merge underwater to become a speechless witness to the magic of these waters. Here you can be sure to capture amazing unique photos and memories.

For quick and safe access to different regions of our country, you can contact Aerobell Airlines to shorten distances with a seamless flight. And our affiliated hotels, such as Capitan Suizo, Planet Hollywood Beach Resort, Fiesta Resort, or Cristal Ballena Resort and Spa, will be more than willing to meet your needs.


For those a bit more adventurous seeking one of the best surf getaways, you have to come to Costa Rica, a world-class destination for hitting the beach or shores of the Caribbean or Pacific, offering white sandy beaches with unprecedented waves. Our country has an abundance of open coasts and coves, perfect for surfers looking to test their skills.

Across both coasts, beginners and experienced surfers gather to discover the best and biggest waves in top spots such as Pavones, Puerto Viejo, or Playa Hermosa, which is home to several national and international surfing contests each year. Playa Jaco is highly attractive to surfers from all over the world. Tamarindo, on the Pacific coast, stands as the most famous surfing area providing access to Witches Rock, Langosta Beach, and Playa Negra, to name just a few. Playa Pavones is excellent for one of the longest left-hand waves in the world. Other popular surf spots include beaches like Santa Teresa, Mal País, Nosara, Playa Grande, and Avellanas.

So it doesn’t matter if you haven’t surfed before, as there are experts on hand to assist you. And for those skilled in crafting their own surfboards, there are some excellent surf spots along the coasts to master.


When it comes to whitewater adventures, we have a wide range of river options and difficulties. So, whether you’d like to leisurely float down the river to observe wildlife, or if you’re interested in challenging yourself on adrenaline-pumping rapids, there’s a rafting trip for you.

The perfect time to come and enjoy whitewater rafting in Costa Rica is during the rainy months when the rivers offer ideal water levels. Costa Rica boasts excellent white-water river systems that produce world-famous rapids, as well as beautiful scenery along the banks.

If on the Caribbean side, and before challenging yourself on one of the wild rivers, spend a couple of nights at the picturesque Casa Turire, bordered by Lake La Angostura with the imposing presence of the mountains, or at Turrialba Tirimbina Rain Forest Lodge and Center, where you can experience a unique jungle adventure.


If you’re looking to relax with kayaking days, enhanced by the natural beauty surrounding you, and the abundance of wildlife around bodies of water, get ready to explore some! Kayaking is an outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages and interests, from beginners to the most adventurous travelers.

Another excellent destination for tourists looking for kayaking or canoeing is the Sarapiquí River community, an ideal place for kayakers to set up simple or multi-day trips. Our affiliates offer tours that include equipment, food, accommodation, and bilingual guides.

Some of the rivers in the Arenal area offer fantastic opportunities to see part of Costa Rica’s flora and fauna. With giant trees hanging over the water, the Fortuna River provides an environment surpassing to spy on monkeys swinging in the trees, as well as sloths and a large number of noisy birds.

Stand Up Paddle

Stand up paddle turns out to be a fun and super effortless activity, no matter the body of water you want to try it on, even for the first time when no experience is needed. You’ll find paddling surprisingly easy! Some of the popular areas in most of Costa Rica to paddle on freshwater are Tortuguero and the wetlands of Caño Negro. Lake Arenal also offers an incredible view of the volcano, and the opportunity to paddle across the lake’s many bays and coves, calm waters, providing visitors with a smooth and comfortable journey. Sitting atop stable SUPs allows you to glide silently beneath the trees, surrounded by the greenery and depths of a rainforest, which is home to chatty monkeys, dozing sloths, and perching birds.

Feel free to email any of our affiliates to arrange SUP excursions while in Costa Rica, an ideal water sport for people of all ages that includes specialized SUP boards, equipment, instruction, guides, and transportation.


If you’ve ever dreamed of exploring a tropical canyon and rappelling down a waterfall, hiking through a rainforest, trekking through a river, and ending with a swim in a clear blue natural pool… then canyoning tour is waiting for you. The best area in Costa Rica to enjoy this activity and experience a rainforest like a true adventurer is the Arenal Volcano area, with excellent accommodations available at Los Héroes hotel. Manuel Antonio, Monteverde, and the Southern Pacific areas are also great places to make this dream come true while ziplining through the jungle canopy.

Cascading rappelling is just the beginning of a canyoning tour; however, the tour kicks off with a short hike, followed by some easy rappelling so you can get started. So, canyoning is something you don’t want to miss on your next trip to Costa Rica!

If your adventure takes you near Rincón de la Vieja National Park, you might choose to stay at either Buena Vista del Rincón or Hacienda Guachipelín hotel.

On the other hand, if you want to steer clear of water activities towards the end of your trip, give yourself a chance to immerse in the nature around you by booking a trip with Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica.

So start gearing up, and reach out to any of our most reliable tour operators for more details: Ara Tours, Viajes TAM, Bella Aventura, Reparto de Costa Rica, Costa Rica para Todos, and Swiss Travel. Once in Costa Rica, the best way to save time and explore different places at your own pace is by renting a car with Europcar or Solid Car Rental.