October 11, 2019

  • Seeking to innovate in new markets, the Proimagen Group Association and the Costa Rican Tourism Institute will travel to Argentina and Chile in October with a delegation of Costa Rican tourism companies. The presence of new airlines, increased flights, and more seats provides an ideal scenario for boosting tourism from Chile and Argentina to Costa Rica.

    Costa Rica will be promoted as an ideal tourist destination for year-round visits, showcasing its charms of intense biodiversity, cultural richness, ecotourism, and sun and beach in Chile and Argentina on October 9th and 10th when a delegation of entrepreneurs led by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute and the Proimagen Association will be touring these two countries.

    The Costa Rican tourism delegation will engage in promotional and business activities with selected travel agents and wholesalers in Buenos Aires and Santiago, recognizing them as promising markets in South America.

    “We embark on this tour with great optimism and confidence that Costa Rica’s tourism product will attract the attention of South Americans, knowing that Argentinians and Chileans are very interested in experiencing the country’s world-renowned biodiversity and enjoying new cultural and gastronomic experiences,” said Silvia Vargas, President of the Association.

    Air connectivity has been growing due to the increase in flights to South America by airlines such as LATAM, which supports this mission, along with increased frequencies from Avianca and Copa. Another encouraging factor for promoting Costa Rica is that the average length of stay for this market is quite extensive. For example, South Americans, on average, enjoy their vacations for about 15 nights and spend approximately $1481.7 per person.

    Over the last 10 years, arrivals of Argentinians have increased from 19,522 to 40,832, representing a growth of 110%, while arrivals from Chileans have increased from 7,682 to 18,297, showing a growth of 138% between 2008 and 2018, according to studies by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute.