November 23, 2015


A climbing park that aims to provide a deeper experience through the exploration of the cloud forest from the forest floor to the canopy of a tree, connecting our visitors with the natural environment, adding adventure and the signature touch that CR Sky Adventures likes to impart in its activities.

The tour consists of a circuit of climbing on 8 trees ranging from 8m to 20m in height and with different levels of difficulty.

The system used is the Monkey Hardware, which consists of a concept that does not require permanent constructions, therefore, it is installed very quickly and easily, does not damage the tree as it works with slings that embrace the tree and hold the grip rocks.

The system is complemented by automatic belays (safety system) that function as a safety line and descent system.

Equipment to be used:

Rental of climbing shoes included
CAMP harness and helmet
Trublue belay with access gate. Customers are self-served, they ascend and descend without the need for assistance.

Route: 7 trees ranging from 8 meters to 20 meters + 1 bouldering.

Minimum height: 1.06 meters.

Arboreal Tree Climbing Schedule: 8:00 am, 9:30 am, 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, 2:30 pm

The restriction on maximum weight is determined by whether the guest fits the waist and chest harness perfectly (if applicable). The maximum waist width guide is 120 cm. In case of doubt, the guide must assess and determine if the guest can safely perform the tour or not. Maximum suggested weight is approximately 217 lbs.

Duration: Maximum 1 hour.