December 14, 2018


– Group of Costa Rican Business Owners Promote the Country in Four Cities in That Region
– Pro Imagen Costa Rica Association, Together with the ICT, Fosters Strengthening of Business Relationships Between Costa Ricans and Local Tourism Agents

What makes tourists from the East Coast of the United States choose to travel to Costa Rica? They consistently prioritize three predominant qualities: the peace experienced in the national territory, the wide range of adventures available, and the friendliness of the Costa Ricans.

This was determined by the most recent study on the tourism market in that region presented by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) to the members of the Pro Imagen Costa Rica Association.

Armed with this tool, a substantial group of industry entrepreneurs, affiliated with the Association, is currently touring four cities on the U.S. East Coast, holding trade shows in each.

Pro Imagen organized events in Boston, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Washington, where Costa Rican entrepreneurs present their offerings to local tourism agents in scheduled sessions.

According to Silvia Vargas, president of Pro Imagen, these meetings allow agents in each city to learn firsthand about the wide array of tourism products offered by Costa Rican entrepreneurs.

The president also noted that the entrepreneurs participating in the mission are empowered with the insights provided by the ICT through the latest study of best prospects, which Pro Imagen shared with them days prior to this tour.

The tour through the four cities began on Monday, October 15, in Boston and concludes this Thursday, October 18, in Washington. Each event features a trade show, a general presentation on the Costa Rican tourism market, a dinner, and concludes with raffles among the attending local agents.

**Friendly and Peaceful Destination**

Eight out of ten American tourists highlight their desire to travel to Costa Rica because they consider it a “peaceful and serene” country. A similar number note that the country offers “unique experiences,” is “friendly and welcoming” to Americans, and provides consistent conditions throughout the year.

The average age of tourists from the U.S. East Coast is between 23 and 53 years old, and over 60% travel with their partner or family, making Costa Rica an ideal destination for romance and family tourism experiences.

Interestingly, 56% of these travelers wish to enjoy culinary experiences during their visit, which is an opportunity for the country to continue exploiting and differentiating gastronomy as a tourism product.

These figures are provided by the ICT, based on the Travel Styles study of best prospects for Costa Rica, conducted through a survey of over 2000 Americans. The statistics also reveal that those who choose to travel to Costa Rica plan to visit the beach, explore small towns and rural areas, and see animals in their natural habitat, among other activities.

Additionally, the main adventures they wish to experience include swimming, climbing, whale watching, diving, and zip-lining.