December 18, 2018

From Costa Rica, we are aware that there have been unfortunate events in recent months regarding security.

However, since the beginning of the new government in May 2018, immediate actions and protocols have been implemented to strengthen, improve, and, likewise, work together with the public and private sectors to maximize security for all tourists visiting the country.

Some of the important measures implemented by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute include:

1. Strengthening of the Tourist Security Commission; composed of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute, the National Tourism Chamber, the Judicial Investigation Agency, the Ministry of Security, tourist police, and the American Embassy.
2. Training for the private sector and tourism entrepreneurs; the Costa Rican Tourism Institute, along with the National Tourism Chamber and other sector chambers, has trained over 2700 members of the sector to prevent and guide tourists, as well as to know the protocols to follow in case of an emergency.
3. Signing of an agreement and commitment between the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Security; where $1,000,000 (USD) will be invested annually to strengthen tourist security.
4. Transmission of videos at both international airports for tourists, providing recommendations for maximum prevention and security during their entire visit to the country.
5. Launch of the National Awareness Campaign “Let’s Take Care Together,” which seeks to raise awareness and invite the entire Costa Rican population about the value of each citizen’s contribution to ensuring security, well-being, and quality of life in the country.
6. Investment of 350 million colones ($565,000 USD) in the creation of a police delegation in Tamarindo, Guanacaste. The new building will house the Tourist Police as well as the Public Force, saving operational costs and integrating efforts to make this area a safe place where residents and tourists have more ease in receiving assistance from authorities in case of an incident.
7. Creation of a tourist security APP to be launched in 2019, so that tourists can access immediate recommendations from the moment they arrive in the country.
8. Investment in infrastructure for security forces, mainly tourist police, and placement of security cameras in the main tourist regions of the country.

Additionally, we would like to inform you that there is no impunity in any of the cases where tourists’ lives were endangered in our country. The wrongdoers and/or suspects are currently in preventive detention and awaiting trial.

Every day from Costa Rica, the public sector and tourism entrepreneurs watch, work, and commit together to provide visitors with a memorable stay in our country and a safe return home.

Silvia Vargas Rodríguez