July 29, 2015

The Talent Behind the New Graphic Image of Grupo Pro Imagen from crproimagen

The work on our new corporate image was a donation made by the talented designer and marketer Natalie Gonzalez Mesen, Bachelor in Advertising Design and Master in Communication and Marketing. She is an extremely professional and creative person, to whom we deeply thank for her impeccable work with the Pro Image Costa Rica Association.

The brand manual works on the company’s Branding, researching fundamental concepts in line with the new Costa Rican tourist image that we aim to achieve.

Different logo proposals are presented through sketches with variations in sizes, colors, and shapes.

Once the specific concept to work on is defined, the appropriate logo icon representing the fauna and biodiversity of Costa Rica is chosen through the shadow of the reptile; inspired by the curious geckos and lizards of the country.

Among the keywords considered for the creation of the new image are: biodiversity, nature, tourism, Costa Rica, fauna, beach, mountain, creativity, joy, etc.

A color palette is selected that reflects these concepts: lime green, representing the flora and mountains of Costa Rica; turquoise reflects the freshness of the sea, the sky, lakes, and waterfalls of our country; and finally, orange, which inspires the energy and warmth of Costa Ricans.

The selected typefaces represent concepts such as modernity, stability, seriousness, professionalism, and depending on their uses, they contribute connotations specific to the context of the company.

The designer behind this excellent work, Natalie Gonzalez, currently works as a freelance graphic designer. Below you can find her contact information for more information:

Tel 8389-4971 / Email: natgm@outlook.com / LinkedIn: https://cr.linkedin.com/in/natgm